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Investigating Decision Fatigue  During Crisis

Repeated decision-making often leads to the depletion of cognitive resources, demanding the individual to depend on decision-making heuristics (i.e., mental shortcuts) rather than evidenced-based cognitive reasoning. This psychological phenomenon is called decision fatigue. Our team is exploring the causes and effects of decision fatigue among firefighters and developing interventions to overcome decision fatigue.

Developing Methods to Study
Skill Acquisition in Surgeons

Acquiring surgical skills can be immensely challenging for novice clinicians (e.g., residents), who highly depend on textbook knowledge. At CoPe lab, we study the cognitive schema of expert surgeons to derive and codify a repeatable set of actions while performing specific surgeries.



Effect of Artificial Intelligence on the Cognitive Workload of Students

The use of AI in education is diverse. Despite its benefits, AI can impose negative impacts such as overreliance on the AI tool, information overload, distraction from multitasking, and ethical concerns. At CoPe Lab, we study the effect of AI-powered tools on the cognitive workload of engineering students.

Influence of Cognitive Workload on the Gait and Balance of Pedestrians

Multitasking while walking (like texting while walking) increases cognitive load, impacting gait and balance and leading to accidents. This collaborative work with Dr. Jerome Hausselle focuses on understanding the intricate relationship between physical movement and cognitive function during distracted walking.


Investigation of Factors Influencing Community Health Program Efficacy

Community-based health programs can improve health outcomes by increasing physical activity and improving dietary behaviors. CoPe Lab has teamed with Dr. Bree Baker and Ms. Jenni Klufa to identify pertinent barriers and facilitators to widespread community program efficacy using a social-ecological model. This work is funded by the InSPIRE Program in the College of Education and Human Sciences (CEHS).


Developing Interventions to Mitigate Pandemic-related Parenting Challenges

CoPe Lab has partnered with the OSU Center for Rural Health and Our Daily Bread to study the challenges associated with parenting children born during the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of this work is to develop community-based programs to support children and families.

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